Study in USA

Study in USA: A Guide For International Students Higher studies in the USA is a dream for many Nepal students. Often looked up to as the leader of the free world, one can find numerous top-ranking universities and educational institutions in the USA that provide globally recognized degrees. In the United States, there are four […]

Study in Australia

Study in AUSTRALIA: A Guide For International Students Australia not only as a student destination but overall is a dynamic and technologically vibrant country that offers good educational and career life to students from all over the world including students from Nepal. Australia is one of the most sought-after study destinations for Nepalese students. IT […]

Study in Canada

Study in CANADA: A Guide For International Students When anybody mentions Canada what comes to your mind? Is it the merciless winters, the hockey-loving Canadians, or the maple syrup it is renowned for ?  Well, you might have heard that Canadians ride polar bears to work and apologize all the time, but it is also […]

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand There are lots of reasons that you should consider going New Zealand for you further abroad study. New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education. It offers a safe learning environment which provides excellent study opportunities & support system for international students. Many people will call natives of the […]

Study in UK

Study in UNITED KINGDOM (UK): A Guide For International Students The United Kingdom is renowned for its quality of education. Many universities established in the 12th century have become leaders in the education world. They have a long history of providing quality education and pioneered the education culture. If you intend to study in the […]

Study in Japan

Study in JAPAN: A Guide For International Students How does the idea of studying abroad sound to you? Exploring a new culture, different than yours, opens new paths in life you have never imagined. Studying abroad in Japan is an option you should seriously consider.  Japan or ‘’Nippon’’ ‘’Nihon’’ or as more widely called ‘’The Land of […]